NEWS: The recent “Time & Space” exhibition at The Misty Moon Gallery in South London is now over. The gallery is currently relocating to another space in South London and also will host other events in other London venues. I will be participating in some of these events, so watch this space for news and updates.

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I have a Zazzle store called Woodhenge that features various items such as gift cards, mugs, posters badges and hats that have some of my photographs, graphics or illustrations on them. Check it out here..


I also have a specific site for my photographs. It includes an online shop, and, depending on where you are, you can select from quite a range of products. High quality prints in many sizes, framed, unframed, and presented in many different ways. You can also get cheap digital downloads if you prefer to print yourself.

Please have a look over at:

This site will continue as a showcase for all my other artwork.

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Welcome. This website is an online portfolio of work by myself, Simon Birch. I work with many different media types, and the purpose of this site is to showcase my visual work.

Over the years I have worked in illustration, painting, photography, and digital design. I have designed album covers, posters, logos and illustrated various publications. Examples of these works from past and present are included here.

I have always been based in the UK, having lived in South London and Salisbury, now I am located in Bromley, Kent, working freelance.

I have also had a keen involvement in music, producing and playing in bands as well as front-of-house live engineering, teaching sound technology and working as a DJ.